Welcome to Taylor Memorial Library’s Archives Blog! Taylor Memorial Library is the academic library of Centenary University in New Jersey. One of the duties of the library is to preserve the history of the college. We are in the process of organizing and digitizing our entire collection, which has never been done before. We are always finding treasures in our archives that help us learn about the history of our school and the people who worked and attended here. Each time we go into the archives we learn something new, and we wanted to share the wealth! Here you’ll see items relating to Centenary history and events and maybe learn some interesting tidbits about us.

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  1. I wanna say THANKYOU so so much for the precious information posted in this blog. I’m starting a new project in schools, introducing scrapbook for children, teenagers and adults here in Brazil, and this archive about the “Centenary Collegiate Institute” bring to me lovely images, so importants to ilustrate for my students the history of scrapbook. I’m sorry about my english, but I do my best… I wish all the best for you. Big hug. Marisa

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