Recently, three library staff members had the chance to tour Drew University’s archives thanks to an invitation by Dr. Noah Haiduc-Dale and his Research Methods Class. Cassie Brand Interim Head of Special Collections, University Archives, and Methodist Librarian and Matthew Beland Drew University Archivist and Assistant Librarian hosted a tour of two of the university’s buildings: the United Methodist Archives and History Center and Rose Memorial Library.


The United Methodist Archives and History Center houses any and all items pertaining to the United Methodist Church as well as most of the University’s Special Collections. The Rose Memorial Library is the home of the University Archives.

The tour explored the school’s different archival spaces and observed working projects. Cassie and Matthew also set up several archival items in the Wilson Reading Room for an up-close and personal viewing experience.


Centenary staff and students had the chance to learn about Drew University’s archives and special collections. It was an invaluable learning experience and the library staff is grateful for the wealth of knowledge on archival practices, methods for displaying exhibits, and the chance to see such great treasures. Thank you Cassie, Matthew, and Drew University!


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