The library is in the middle of converting its catalog from the Dewey Decimal system to the Library of Congress system.


Ready for books!


Ready for shelves!

All of the books in the Quiet Area (the academic books) have gotten new call numbers and are in the process of being relabeled and shelved in their new locations.

dewey to lc428The first time the library saw such a large scale reshelving was in 1954, the day they were moved from the old library to the newly built Taylor Memorial Library. Every member of the College community helped move the books that day. Students were separated into groups by dorm and each group was given assigned times to help the shift.

Head Librarian Ruth Scarborough selected seniors to be put in charge of each group. Their job was to make sure that their group was working steadily while also keeping the books in order. Staff and Faculty were designated as ‘checkers’ and ‘helpers’. Checkers were positioned in the old library to make sure that everything was being moved in order, and helpers were in the new library to make sure that the books were being shelved in order. According to documentation, the project took only one day.

dewey to lc429

The current project has several more steps and so it is naturally a longer process. The books are getting new labels and being put in order by their designation. After all the books have been relabeled, they will be put in the proper order.

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