Winter 6

Winter Carnival, December 5 1952

hatchery pond skating 1948

Winter Carnival, December 5 1952

Long ago the students of Centenary held a yearly celebration they called the Winter Carnival.


The girls (remember, Centenary was an all girls school) enjoyed a winter themed dance, and if there was snow, winter festivities like skiing and snow sculpture making.

Other events rounded out the spectacle, including vocal concerts, sleigh rides, relay races, and the crowning of the Snow Queen. How did they choose the Snow Queen? She was chosen for her beauty, her participation in the Winter Carnival, and her winter attire; the Snow Queen was considered the most typical girl of the Winter Carnival.

Winter 7

President Seay crowns Dana Andrews the Snow Queen, 1957

The Winter Carnival was first mentioned in passing in a 1945 issue of the student newspaper and was written up in a 1946 issue. That year it was too warm for skiing and skating but the girls still enjoyed their weekend dance with blind dates from Hoboken school Stevens Tech.

Winter 3

Winter Dance, December 5 1952

The next big mention for the Winter Carnival was in 1954 when it was sponsored by the Outing Club. The article says the Winter Carnival was a new idea and it was hoped that it would grow in importance – looks like it had gone into hibernation for a while! For the next two decades the Winter Carnival would come and go, ending one year and being brought back a year or two later. The last mention of the Winter Carnival was in a 1972 issue of the student newspaper.

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