Peith History

The Peith Logo

Created by: Misses Chaplain, Morrow, Stevens, Richardson, Ellis, and Porter.

Year Introduced: Spring 1880

Colors: Blue & Gold

Secret Letters: D.V.V.

Society Paper: The Meteor

Greek letters: Theta Epsilon Nu (first mentioned in 1914 Hack Yearbook)

Nicknames: Peith, the Evergreens

The original society, the Evergreens, was changed to Peithosophian after the members became disgusted with the name.

The Peiths of 1904

The Peiths of 1904

Lit society Anns

peith ann_0001

Peithosophian Anniversary of May 10, 1889 Back Row: Misses Norris (Oration), Yelter (Essay), Penny (piano), Mathews (Pipe Organ solo), Fisher (Recitation), and Wolf (Poem). Seated: Misses Warne (Essay), Lizzie Beers (President), and Carrie Beers (Editress).

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