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Trevorrow Hall in the 1950s

Trevorrow Hall in the 1950s

trev005Within the past year, the college has seen a number of improvements on Trevorrow Hall, including updating science laboratories and lectures halls, as well as installing an elevator to the three-floor building.

Trevorrow Hall was one of the improvements to Centenary College set forth by the Reverend Doctor Robert Johns Trevorrow, president of the college from 1917 – 1943.

President Trevorrow came to Centenary Collegiate Institute during a period of financial crisis, and worked hard to pull the school out of debt. After 7 years of meticulously examining the college’s expenditures, Trevorrow was able to pay off a mortgage of $81,000! Having brought the school out of debt, he dedicated himself to creating his 10 Year Plan, which would invest in the college’s future through scholarships, curriculum reorganization, and a physical expansion of the campus.

The school was in dire need of more classroom space, and in 1940 a building was planned that would house Science, Home Economics, Art, and Clothing. During the Annual May Fete of 1941, the final stone was placed. The faculty suggested the name Trevorrow Hall. In the Centenary College history, Through Golden Years, author Leila Custard writes,“now at last there was adequate housing for the Departments of Science and Home Economics, while the Art Department glorified in its sky-lighted spaciousness and its gallery for special exhibits” (192).



Clockwise from top left: Students in Home Economics, A lesson in fashion sketching and textiles, Laboratory Science, and a Chemistry presentation.

The building has remained relatively unchanged, with fashion classes on the first floor, sciences on the second, and art on the third.

Diokosophian Society

Diok History

The Dioks of 1904

The Dioks of 1904

The Diok Pin

The Diok Logo

Created by: Miss H. Emma Stitzer

Year Introduced: September 19, 1875

Colors: Gold & Black

Secret Letters: S.E.V

Society Paper: The Scroll

Greek letters: Sigma Epsilon Phi (first mentioned in 1914 Hack Yearbook)

Nickname: Diok, Deik

diok ann 1

Program from a 1903 Ann

Diok Title Page

Diok Ann Feb 15 1889 front

The Diokosophian Ann of February 15, 1889  Back Row: Misses Taylor (Debate), Bowman (Essay), Clarke (Essay), and Noe (Debate). Seated: Misses Jones (Piano Solo), Allen (President), and Abbott (Editress).