Whitney Lyceum

A History of the Whits from 1904

A History of the Whitney Lyceum

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The Whits' meeting room, 5th floor of "Old Main"

The Whits’ meeting room, 5th floor of “Old Main”

Created by: W. M. Trumbower, J. H. Stitzer, C.S. Benedict, H. H. Rusby & A. C. Van Syckle

Year Introduced: September 1874

Colors: Royal Purple and Gold

Secret Letters: V.N.A.F

Society Paper: The Lancet

Nickname: The Whits

The Whits of 1904

The Whits of 1904

Whitney Lyceum’s first Inauguration Programme was also the first public performance for the Institute! In the 1890s, Whitney Lyceum and Diokosophian combined Ann’s to decrease the time and money each society spent for their program.


In 1910, the school graduated its last coed class and the Whitney Lyceum held its last meeting after being in existence for 36 years.

A history of all Literary Societies of Centenary College can be found here


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