Before technology granted us the convenience of information on demand, spreading awareness and knowledge of events, even locally, relied upon many individual efforts. For over 50 years, our student newspaper, Spilled Ink, reported on the comings and goings of daily life at Centenary and offered students a chance to remain well-informed about the campus as well as showcase their own writing efforts.

Spilled Ink, run and written by students, was first published around 1932 and began as a modest four-page publication with a column layout typical of newspapers at the time.

1933 page one

Most issues covered upcoming college activities and events, student/faculty achievements, and local advertising. Early issues dedicated a lot of space to creative writing contributions from students, usually short stories or poetry. Indeed, issues leading up to World War II resemble a literary magazine much more than a newspaper. Although this focus would wane later on in the life of the paper, it helped pave the way later for a separate publication featuring the works of students called the Prism. (You can now view issues of Prism online here)



In the early 1940s, the onset of war marked a shift in the tone and focus of the paper to a more traditional form, both in content and style.





new buildings

By the 1950s, Spilled Ink had refocused its emphasis to student activities and involvement on campus and that is where it would stay. It was also a time of growth for the college and this was featured prominently. New buildings, programs, and efforts underway were covered with great enthusiasm as the length of the paper expanded along with Centenary.  From theater to sorority events to fashion shows to guest speakers to awards to commencement:  At the heart of every campus lies the student news beat.


1933 1943 1946 1948 1949 1949 1954 1956  1963 1976 1977

You can now view and search Spilled Ink of the 1960s:

Check out our new digital collection here!


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