Month: December 2014


Taylor Memorial Library recently created an Irish Studies Collection, and to help distinguish these books from the books in our regular collection, we created a bookplate and classification sticker for each item.

bookplate 2010s

Our Irish Studies Collection bookplate.

Our library has used several bookplates over the years to designate ownership of the books. Assembled here are some of the bookplates we’ve found in our collection.

We know these bookplates were used before 1954, because that was the year Taylor Memorial Library was named. We approximate their dates as: Top left: 1870s, top right: 1930s. Bottom left: 1940s, bottom right, unknown.

The dates are approximated as follows: Top left: 1890 – 1915, top right: 1920 – 40s. Bottom left: 1930 – 1940s, bottom right, 1910- 20s.

When the Taylor Memorial Library opened in 1954, a new bookplate had to be created to include the library’s new name. In order to choose a new bookplate, students were invited to participate in a design contest. This design would be place in every new book the library received. Students submitted original designs no larger than 3 x 4 inches, using only India Ink and white paper. Each entry had to contain the phrase “Taylor Memorial Library, Centenary Junior College, Hackettstown, New Jersey.”

These are some of the submitted designs.

Some entries have no name. They are denoted with a line of dashes. Top Row: 1. ——- 2. Karen Colthup 3. ——- Middle Row: 1. ——- 2 Sue Frankel 3. ——- Bottom Row: 1. Doris Houston 2. Anita Brunner 3. ——-

entries 2

Top Row and Middle Row: 1 – 6. Judith Yokell Bottom Row: 1. Carol Ann Brooks 2. & 3. Lois Petersen

entries 3

Top Row: 1. ——- 2. Cynthea Halvorsen Bottom Row: 1. Dorothy Lowry 2. Patricia Sloate

Judging the contest were librarian Ruth Scarborough, art teacher Gilberta Goodwin, commercial art teacher Howard Knapp, and senior Patrician Robinson. A second senior, Pamela Hasting, was originally on the judging committee, but resigned in order to enter the contest herself. The contest began in February of 1954 and ended on April 4, 1954, just before Centenary’s Easter vacation. The winner received a book of their choosing. Freshman Ellen Friedman won the contest with a design of the library done in white on black paper.

CCI library 1950s

This is the bookplate that first adorned Taylor Memorial Library books. The black background of the entry design was replaced with a friendlier blue.

When the college name changed from Centenary Junior College to Centenary College for Women, the bookplate was adapted to fit.

CCI library 1970s

The bookplate during the 1950s-70s.

The college changed names again in the 1980s after it reverted back to a co-ed institution. We don’t know if the library had any bookplates after that. Later on, Taylor Memorial Library switched to a stamp, and just this year we created an embosser to replace the stamp. Who knows, maybe we’ll go back to using a bookplate in the future!