The year was 1869.

The architect for Centenary Collegiate Institute had been chosen (S.B. Hatch of New York City).

Local contractors Clawson and Haszen had been awarded the building contract.

The cornerstone was laid.

There was just one problem: not enough money.

The Board of Trustees had so far only been able to raise half of the projected building cost. When construction started, that cost quickly doubled due to alterations and additions. The Trustees realized their original efforts had brought in only a fourth of the amount they would need, and that raising the rest would require a lot of hard work.

The original plan of Centenary Collegiate Institute

Caption: “1869. The Original Plan of C.C.I. Thus it was built to top of 4th story – Then roof & tower & piazzas changed.”

The President and the Board of Trustees worked tirelessly to raise funds, solicit donations and loans, and personally contribute money to collect the amount needed. Construction was continually extended; building ceased when money ran out and started back up when enough funds were collected. The Board faced countless problems: costs kept going up in an effort to maintain the symmetry of the building, donors passed away before promised donations could be received, and the Depression of 1873 all prolonged the building’s completion (not familiar with the Depression of 1873? Learn about it here). Finally, in 1874, construction was finished and the school was ready to accept students. Although the Institute struggled with a mortgage that took eight years to settle, spirits were high on Centenary’s opening day.

The Original Centenary Collegiate Institute

The Original Centenary Collegiate Institute. This building burned down in 1899, only twenty-five years after the Institute opened.

Centenary Collegiate Institute opened on September 9, 1874, exactly five years after the cornerstone was laid. It had taken a lot of hard work, but Centenary Collegiate Institute was finally ready to become a functioning institution of education.

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