Month: November 2013


In honor of JFK on the 50th anniversary of his assassination, Taylor Memorial Library would like to post a snippet of the December 1964 issue of The Spilled Ink. The Spilled Ink was the student newspaper in the mid 1900s. It primarily focused on events at Centenary College or events that involved Centenary College students or staff. This was one of few articles that focused on world/US events.


Last month, a former instructor for Centenary College passed away. John Babington died October 5th at the age of 91. He taught theater and directed plays in Centenary’s Little Theatre between 1962 and 1976. He was also the director of the theater program. Image

He was a director of some renown during his tenure here at Centenary College. It was no coincidence that this period of time is considered a peak of the theater program. He directed, staged, and acted in numerous plays. Here he is as the bus driver from Bus Stop. (He’s sitting at the counter).


During this time, Centenary was an all girls school, so the male roles in plays were filled using actors from the Hackettstown area. Sometimes the actors would come all the way from New York. In the 1970 play Good Housekeeping, Babington directed Christopher Reeve. Eight years later, Reeve would rise to fame as Superman.


John Babington remained the theater director until the mid-1970’s.

The images used here are from The Taylor Memorial Library Archives. The archives contains an original scrapbook of Little Theatre ephemera including playbills, ticket stubs, and high quality photos of productions.